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Academic Article Peptic ulcer disease in youths with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: a prospective study.
Concept Quality of Life
Concept Life Change Events
Academic Article Concepts of illness causality in a pediatric sample. Relationship to illness duration, frequency of hospitalization, and degree of life-threat.
Academic Article Quality of life in adult recipients of bone marrow transplantation.
Academic Article Predictors of coping strategies among adults with cancer.
Academic Article Health-related quality of life and symptom frequency before and after lung transplantation.
Academic Article Assessing quality-of-life outcomes in organ transplant recipients: progress and priorities.
Academic Article The PORTEL registry: overview and selected findings.
Academic Article Future directions in quality-of-life research and intervention.
Academic Article Are organ donation attitudes and beliefs, empathy, and life orientation related to donor registration status?
Academic Article Does lung transplantation improve health-related quality of life? The University of Florida experience.
Academic Article A randomized evaluation of quality-of-life therapy with patients awaiting lung transplantation.
Academic Article Are there sex differences in health-related quality of life after lung transplantation for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?
Academic Article Caregivers of lung transplant candidates: do they benefit when the patient is receiving psychological services?
Academic Article Waiting for lung transplantation: quality of life, mood, caregiving strain and benefit, and social intimacy of spouses.
Academic Article Impact of hepatitis C virus infection on children and their caregivers: quality of life, cognitive, and emotional outcomes.
Academic Article Quality of life and psychosocial functioning of spouse/partner caregivers before and after liver transplantation.
Academic Article A psychological intervention to improve quality of life and reduce psychological distress in adults awaiting kidney transplantation.
Academic Article Fatigue and sleep quality before and after liver transplantation.
Academic Article A cross-sectional study of fatigue and sleep quality before and after kidney transplantation.
Academic Article Spouse caregivers of kidney transplant patients: quality of life and psychosocial outcomes.
Academic Article Peginterferon with or without ribavirin has minimal effect on quality of life, behavioral/emotional, and cognitive outcomes in children.
Academic Article Patients' expectations and success criteria for liver transplantation.
Academic Article Is Model for End-Stage Liver Disease score associated with quality of life after liver transplantation?
Academic Article Predicting quality of life with a pretransplantation assessment battery: A prospective study of cardiac recipients.
Academic Article Patient-Reported Outcomes Following Living Kidney Donation: A Single Center Experience.
Academic Article Mood, body image, fear of kidney failure, life satisfaction, and decisional stability following living kidney donation: Findings from the KDOC study.
Academic Article Outcomes for individuals turned down for living kidney donation.
Academic Article Patterns and predictors of fatigue following living donor nephrectomy: Findings from the KDOC Study.
Academic Article A psychometric normative database for pre-liver transplantation evaluations. The Florida cohort 1991-1996.
Academic Article Mismanaging the gift of life: noncompliance in the context of adult stem cell transplantation.
Academic Article Implementation, feasibility, and acceptability of quality of life therapy to improve positive emotions among patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillators.
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