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Concept Proteinuria
Academic Article Simvastatin protection against acute immune-mediated glomerulonephritis in mice.
Academic Article Murine monoclonal anti-DNA antibodies penetrate cells, bind to nuclei, and induce glomerular proliferation and proteinuria in vivo.
Academic Article Studies of experimental membranous nephropathy.
Academic Article Mediation of proteinuria in membranous nephropathy due to a planted glomerular antigen.
Academic Article Altered glomerular permeability induced by F(ab')2 and Fab' antibodies to rat renal tubular epithelial antigen.
Academic Article A new role for complement in experimental membranous nephropathy in rats.
Academic Article Glomerular and tubular epithelial defects in kd/kd mice lead to progressive renal failure.
Academic Article DAF/Crry double deficiency in mice exacerbates nephrotoxic serum-induced proteinuria despite markedly reduced systemic complement activity.
Academic Article Modulation of autoimmunity by TLR9 in the chronic graft-vs-host model of systemic lupus erythematosus.
Academic Article Activated renal macrophages are markers of disease onset and disease remission in lupus nephritis.
Academic Article Prevention of murine antiphospholipid syndrome by BAFF blockade.
Academic Article Interferon-alpha treatment of female (NZW x BXSB)F(1) mice mimics some but not all features associated with the Yaa mutation.
Academic Article Absence of CD59 exacerbates systemic autoimmunity in MRL/lpr mice.
Academic Article The TNF-derived TIP peptide activates the epithelial sodium channel and ameliorates experimental nephrotoxic serum nephritis.
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