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Academic Article Coronary CT angiography versus conventional cardiac angiography for therapeutic decision making in patients with high likelihood of coronary artery disease.
Academic Article Dual-energy CT of the heart.
Academic Article Interplatform reproducibility of CT coronary calcium scoring software.
Academic Article Computed tomography coronary artery calcium scoring: review of evidence base and cost-effectiveness in cardiovascular risk prediction.
Concept Coronary Artery Disease
Concept Coronary Vessels
Academic Article Comparison of the effect of iterative reconstruction versus filtered back projection on cardiac CT postprocessing.
Academic Article Iterative image reconstruction techniques for CT coronary artery calcium quantification: comparison with traditional filtered back projection in vitro and in vivo.
Academic Article Impact of coronary calcium score on the prevalence of coronary artery stenosis on dual source CT coronary angiography in caucasian patients with an intermediate risk.
Academic Article Absolute Versus Relative Myocardial Blood Flow by Dynamic CT Myocardial Perfusion Imaging in Patients With Anatomic Coronary Artery Disease.
Academic Article Mammographic detection of breast arterial calcification as an independent predictor of coronary atherosclerotic disease in a single ethnic cohort of African American women.
Academic Article Approaches to ultra-low radiation dose coronary artery calcium scoring based on 3rd generation dual-source CT: A phantom study.
Academic Article Coronary CT angiography-derived quantitative markers for predicting in-stent restenosis.
Academic Article Accuracy and Radiation Dose Reduction Using Low-Voltage Computed Tomography Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring With Tin Filtration.
Academic Article Prognostic value of CT-derived left atrial and left ventricular measures in patients with acute chest pain.
Academic Article Analysis of myocardial perfusion parameters in an ex-vivo porcine heart model using third generation dual-source CT.
Academic Article Coronary artery calcium in breast cancer survivors after radiation therapy.
Academic Article The dream of a one-stop-shop: Meta-analysis on myocardial perfusion CT.
Academic Article Expert opinion: How and when to perform CT myocardial perfusion imaging.
Academic Article Coronary Computed Tomographic Angiography-Derived Fractional Flow Reserve for Therapeutic Decision Making.
Academic Article Dynamic CT myocardial perfusion imaging identifies early perfusion abnormalities in diabetes and hypertension: Insights from a multicenter registry.
Academic Article Intermodel agreement of myocardial blood flow estimation from stress-rest myocardial perfusion magnetic resonance imaging in patients with coronary artery disease.
Academic Article Intermodel disagreement of myocardial blood flow estimation from dynamic CT perfusion imaging.
Academic Article Automated plaque analysis for the prognostication of major adverse cardiac events.
Academic Article Coronary calcification at electron-beam CT: effect of section thickness on calcium scoring in vitro and in vivo.
Academic Article The association of Rose questionnaire angina pectoris and coronary calcification in a general population: the Rotterdam Coronary Calcification Study.
Academic Article Influence of scoring parameter settings on Agatston and volume scores for coronary calcification.
Academic Article Non-invasive assessment of coronary calcification.
Academic Article Coronary artery calcification score by multislice computed tomography predicts the outcome of dobutamine cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Aortic stiffness is associated with atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries in older adults: the Rotterdam Study.
Academic Article The female advantage in cardiovascular disease: do vascular beds contribute equally?
Academic Article Measurement of coronary calcium scores or exercise testing as initial screening tool in asymptomatic subjects with ST-T changes on the resting ECG: an evaluation study.
Academic Article Measurement of coronary calcium scores by electron beam computed tomography or exercise testing as initial diagnostic tool in low-risk patients with suspected coronary artery disease.
Academic Article The influence of heart rate, slice thickness, and calcification density on calcium scores using 64-slice multidetector computed tomography: a systematic phantom study.
Academic Article Coffee consumption and coronary calcification: the Rotterdam Coronary Calcification Study.
Academic Article Coronary artery calcium screening: current status and recommendations from the European Society of Cardiac Radiology and North American Society for Cardiovascular Imaging.
Academic Article Coronary artery calcium screening: current status and recommendations from the European Society of Cardiac Radiology and North American Society for Cardiovascular Imaging.
Academic Article The role of coronary artery calcification score in clinical practice.
Academic Article Small calcified coronary atherosclerotic plaque simulation model: minimal size and attenuation detectable by 64-MDCT and MicroCT.
Academic Article Evaluation of newer risk markers for coronary heart disease risk classification: a cohort study.
Academic Article Coronary calcification and the risk of heart failure in the elderly: the Rotterdam Study.
Academic Article Non-calcified coronary atherosclerotic plaque visualization on CT: effects of contrast-enhancement and lipid-content fractions.
Academic Article Validation and prognosis of coronary artery calcium scoring in nontriggered thoracic computed tomography: systematic review and meta-analysis.
Academic Article Lung cancer screening CT-based prediction of cardiovascular events.
Academic Article Quantitative analysis of coronary plaque composition by dual-source CT in patients with acute non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction compared to patients with stable coronary artery disease correlated with virtual histology intravascular ultrasound.
Academic Article Impact of cardiovascular calcifications on the detrimental effect of continued smoking on cardiovascular risk in male lung cancer screening participants.
Academic Article Can nontriggered thoracic CT be used for coronary artery calcium scoring? A phantom study.
Academic Article A practical approach to radiological evaluation of CT lung cancer screening examinations.
Academic Article Skin autofluorescence, a non-invasive marker for AGE accumulation, is associated with the degree of atherosclerosis.
Academic Article Coronary artery calcification scoring with state-of-the-art CT scanners from different vendors has substantial effect on risk classification.
Academic Article Correction of lumen contrast-enhancement influence on non-calcified coronary atherosclerotic plaque quantification on CT.
Academic Article Quantification of coronary artery calcium in nongated CT to predict cardiovascular events in male lung cancer screening participants: results of the NELSON study.
Academic Article Coronary calcium scores are systematically underestimated at a large chest size: A multivendor phantom study.
Academic Article Feasibility of spectral shaping for detection and quantification of coronary calcifications in ultra-low dose CT.
Academic Article Accuracy of iodine quantification using dual energy CT in latest generation dual source and dual layer CT.
Academic Article Validation of myocardial perfusion quantification by dynamic CT in an ex-vivo porcine heart model.
Academic Article Dose reduction techniques in coronary calcium scoring: The effect of iterative reconstruction combined with low tube voltage on calcium scores in a thoracic phantom.
Academic Article Coronary Artery Calcium Imaging in the ROBINSCA Trial: Rationale, Design, and Technical Background.
Academic Article Coronary artery calcium quantification on first, second and third generation dual source CT: A comparison study.
Academic Article Is the coronary artery calcium score associated with acute coronary events in breast cancer patients treated with radiotherapy?
Academic Article Quantitative myocardial perfusion evaluation with positron emission tomography and the risk of cardiovascular events in patients with coronary artery disease: a systematic review of prognostic studies.
Academic Article High-pitch versus sequential mode for coronary calcium in individuals with a high heart rate: Potential for dose reduction.
Academic Article Imaging the myocardial ischemic cascade.
Academic Article The impact of dose reduction on the quantification of coronary artery calcifications and risk categorization: A systematic review.
Academic Article Computational quantitative flow ratio to assess functional severity of coronary artery stenosis.
Academic Article Development and evaluation of an auto-segmentation tool for the left anterior descending coronary artery of breast cancer patients based on anatomical landmarks.
Academic Article Early imaging biomarkers of lung cancer, COPD and coronary artery disease in the general population: rationale and design of the ImaLife (Imaging in Lifelines) Study.
Academic Article T1 reactivity as an imaging biomarker in myocardial tissue characterization discriminating normal, ischemic and infarcted myocardium.
Academic Article Relationship Between Pregnancy Complications and Subsequent Coronary Artery Disease Assessed by Coronary Computed Tomographic Angiography in Black Women.
Academic Article Assessment of Dynamic Change of Coronary Artery Geometry and Its Relationship to Coronary Artery Disease, Based on Coronary CT Angiography.
Academic Article Towards reference values of pericoronary adipose tissue attenuation: impact of coronary artery and tube voltage in coronary computed tomography angiography.
Academic Article Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Coronary Calcification in a Middle-aged Dutch Population: The ImaLife Study.
Academic Article Coronary Artery Calcium and Cognitive Function in Dutch Adults: Cross-Sectional Results of the Population-Based ImaLife Study.
Academic Article Focal pericoronary adipose tissue attenuation is related to plaque presence, plaque type, and stenosis severity in coronary CTA.
Academic Article High-pitch dual-source CT for coronary artery calcium scoring: A head-to-head comparison of non-triggered chest versus triggered cardiac acquisition.
Academic Article Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks Applications in Computed Tomography for Coronary Artery Disease and Myocardial Perfusion.
Academic Article Deep learning for automated exclusion of cardiac CT examinations negative for coronary artery calcium.
Academic Article Screening for cardiovascular disease risk using traditional risk factor assessment or coronary artery calcium scoring: the ROBINSCA trial.
Academic Article Screening for coronary artery calcium in a high-risk population: the ROBINSCA trial.
Academic Article Dynamic Myocardial Perfusion CT for the Detection of Hemodynamically Significant Coronary Artery Disease.
Academic Article Early detection of obstructive coronary artery disease in the asymptomatic high-risk population: objectives and study design of the EARLY-SYNERGY trial.
Academic Article The Diagnostic and Prognostic Value of Coronary Calcium Scoring in?Stable Chest Pain Patients: A Narrative Review.
Academic Article Association of epicardial adipose tissue with different stages of coronary artery disease: A cross-sectional UK Biobank cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging substudy.
Academic Article FFRCT and QFR: Ready to be used in clinical decision making?
Academic Article Quality and safety of coronary computed tomography angiography at academic and non-academic sites: insights from a large European registry (ESCR MR/CT Registry).
Academic Article Coronary calcium scoring as first-line test to detect and exclude coronary artery disease in patients presenting to the general practitioner with stable chest pain: protocol of the cluster-randomised CONCRETE trial.
Academic Article Multi-Modality Imaging for Prevention of Coronary Artery Disease and Myocardial Infarction in the General Population: Ready for Prime Time?
Academic Article Pre-screening to guide coronary artery calcium scoring for early identification of high-risk individuals in the general population.
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