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Concept Mastectomy, Segmental
Concept Mastectomy, Modified Radical
Concept Mastectomy
Academic Article Menstrual influence on surgical cure of breast cancer.
Academic Article Menopausal status dependence of early mortality reduction due to diagnosis of smaller breast cancers (T1 v T2-T3): relevance to screening.
Academic Article Hypothesis: Induced angiogenesis after surgery in premenopausal node-positive breast cancer patients is a major underlying reason why adjuvant chemotherapy works particularly well for those patients.
Academic Article Breast cancer recurrence dynamics following adjuvant CMF is consistent with tumor dormancy and mastectomy-driven acceleration of the metastatic process.
Academic Article Comment to "Effect of primary tumor extirpation in breast cancer patients who present with stage IV disease and intact primary tumor" by G V Babiera, R Rao, L Feng, F Meric-Bernstam, H M Kuerer, S E Singletary, K K Hunt, M I Ross, K M Gwyn, B W Feig, F C Ames, G N Horthobagyi. Ann Surg Oncol 2006;13:776-782.
Academic Article Tumor dormancy and surgery-driven interruption of dormancy in breast cancer: learning from failures.
Academic Article Discovery of candidate genes and pathways that may help explain fertility cycle stage dependent post-resection breast cancer outcome.
Academic Article Recurrence and mortality according to estrogen receptor status for breast cancer patients undergoing conservative surgery. Ipsilateral breast tumour recurrence dynamics provides clues for tumour biology within the residual breast.
Academic Article Breast cancer screening for women aged 40-49 years: screening may not be the benign process usually thought.
Academic Article Interpreting Breast Cancer Survival Data by the Hazard Function: Remarkable Findings from Event Dynamics.
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