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Academic Article Macrophage adiponectin expression improves insulin sensitivity and protects against inflammation and atherosclerosis.
Academic Article Enhanced adiponectin actions by overexpression of adiponectin receptor 1 in macrophages.
Concept Muscle, Skeletal
Academic Article Gene expression of GLUT4 in skeletal muscle from insulin-resistant patients with obesity, IGT, GDM, and NIDDM.
Academic Article Mechanisms of enhanced insulin sensitivity in endurance-trained athletes: effects on blood flow and differential expression of GLUT 4 in skeletal muscles.
Academic Article Glucosamine induces insulin resistance in vivo by affecting GLUT 4 translocation in skeletal muscle. Implications for glucose toxicity.
Academic Article Muscle Rad expression and human metabolism: potential role of the novel Ras-related GTPase in energy expenditure and body composition.
Academic Article Identification of Rad's effector-binding domain, intracellular localization, and analysis of expression in Pima Indians.
Academic Article Evidence for defects in the trafficking and translocation of GLUT4 glucose transporters in skeletal muscle as a cause of human insulin resistance.
Academic Article Expression of mRNAs encoding uncoupling proteins in human skeletal muscle: effects of obesity and diabetes.
Academic Article Cloning of Rab GTPases expressed in human skeletal muscle: studies in insulin-resistant subjects.
Academic Article The effect of insulin on expression of genes and biochemical pathways in human skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Mammalian Tribbles homolog 3 impairs insulin action in skeletal muscle: role in glucose-induced insulin resistance.
Academic Article Genes and biochemical pathways in human skeletal muscle affecting resting energy expenditure and fuel partitioning.
Academic Article Skeletal muscle lipid peroxidation and insulin resistance in humans.
Academic Article Role of TRIB3 in regulation of insulin sensitivity and nutrient metabolism during short-term fasting and nutrient excess.
Academic Article AdR1-TG/TALLYHO mice have improved lipid accumulation and insulin sensitivity.
Academic Article TRIB3 mediates glucose-induced insulin resistance via a mechanism that requires the hexosamine biosynthetic pathway.
Academic Article 6-Mercaptopurine augments glucose transport activity in skeletal muscle cells in part via a mechanism dependent upon orphan nuclear receptor NR4A3.
Academic Article Skeletal Muscle TRIB3 Mediates Glucose Toxicity in Diabetes and High- Fat Diet-Induced Insulin Resistance.
Academic Article Acylcarnitines as markers of exercise-associated fuel partitioning, xenometabolism, and potential signals to muscle afferent neurons.
Academic Article Sex and race contribute to variation in mitochondrial function and insulin sensitivity.
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