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Concept Molecular Sequence Data
Academic Article NMR structure of the flavin domain from soluble methane monooxygenase reductase from Methylococcus capsulatus (Bath).
Academic Article Folding transitions during assembly of the eukaryotic mRNA cap-binding complex.
Academic Article Decreased recognition of SUMO-sensitive target genes following modification of SF-1 (NR5A1).
Academic Article SRP RNA controls a conformational switch regulating the SRP-SRP receptor interaction.
Academic Article An extended structure of the APOBEC3G catalytic domain suggests a unique holoenzyme model.
Academic Article Identification and analysis of the interaction between Edc3 and Dcp2 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Academic Article Cricket paralysis virus antagonizes Argonaute 2 to modulate antiviral defense in Drosophila.
Academic Article A split active site couples cap recognition by Dcp2 to activation.
Academic Article The crystal structure Escherichia coli Spy.
Academic Article Dcp1 links coactivators of mRNA decapping to Dcp2 by proline recognition.
Academic Article Interdomain dynamics and coactivation of the mRNA decapping enzyme Dcp2 are mediated by a gatekeeper tryptophan.
Academic Article The crystal structure of the periplasmic domain of Vibrio parahaemolyticus CpxA.
Academic Article CBF? stabilizes HIV Vif to counteract APOBEC3 at the expense of RUNX1 target gene expression.
Academic Article Thermodynamics of Rev-RNA interactions in HIV-1 Rev-RRE assembly.
Academic Article Structure of the activated Edc1-Dcp1-Dcp2-Edc3 mRNA decapping complex with substrate analog poised for catalysis.
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