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Academic Article Data management and design issues in an unmasked randomized trial of electroconvulsive therapy for relapse prevention of severe depression: the consortium for research in electroconvulsive therapy trial.
Academic Article Is baseline medication resistance associated with potential for relapse after successful remission of a depressive episode with ECT? Data from the Consortium for Research on Electroconvulsive Therapy (CORE).
Academic Article ECT remission rates in psychotic versus nonpsychotic depressed patients: a report from CORE.
Academic Article Seizure threshold in a large sample: implications for stimulus dosing strategies in bilateral electroconvulsive therapy: a report from CORE.
Academic Article Relief of expressed suicidal intent by ECT: a consortium for research in ECT study.
Academic Article Continuation electroconvulsive therapy vs pharmacotherapy for relapse prevention in major depression: a multisite study from the Consortium for Research in Electroconvulsive Therapy (CORE).
Academic Article A randomized controlled trial comparing the memory effects of continuation electroconvulsive therapy versus continuation pharmacotherapy: results from the Consortium for Research in ECT (CORE) study.
Academic Article Lithium increases platelet count.
Concept Lithium
Concept Lithium Compounds
Concept Lithium Carbonate
Concept Lithium Chloride
Academic Article A Novel Strategy for Continuation ECT in Geriatric Depression: Phase 2 of the PRIDE Study.
Academic Article Effects of continuation electroconvulsive therapy on quality of life in elderly depressed patients: A randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article ECT as an alternative to lithium for preventive treatment of bipolar disorder.
Academic Article Lithium intolerance disproved by blind clinical trial.
Academic Article The risk of in utero exposure to lithium.
Academic Article Longitudinal Neurocognitive Effects of Combined Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) and Pharmacotherapy in Major Depressive Disorder in Older Adults: Phase 2 of the PRIDE Study.
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