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Concept Cell Cycle Proteins
Concept Cell Cycle
Academic Article Targeting subcellular localization through the polo-box domain: non-ATP competitive inhibitors recapitulate a PLK1 phenotype.
Academic Article 2-Anilino-4-(thiazol-5-yl)pyrimidine CDK inhibitors: synthesis, SAR analysis, X-ray crystallography, and biological activity.
Academic Article Structural and biochemical studies of human proliferating cell nuclear antigen complexes provide a rationale for cyclin association and inhibitor design.
Academic Article Structure-based discovery and optimization of potential cancer therapeutics targeting the cell cycle.
Academic Article Inhibitors of Polo-like kinase reveal roles in spindle-pole maintenance.
Academic Article Progress in the evaluation of CDK inhibitors as anti-tumor agents.
Academic Article PLK1 as an oncology target: current status and future potential.
Academic Article Current assessment of polo-like kinases as anti-tumor drug targets.
Academic Article Iterative conversion of cyclin binding groove peptides into druglike CDK inhibitors with antitumor activity.
Academic Article The Meisenheimer Complex as a Paradigm in Drug Discovery: Reversible Covalent Inhibition through C67 of the ATP Binding Site of PLK1.
Academic Article Peptidomimetic design of CDK inhibitors targeting the recruitment site of the cyclin subunit.
Academic Article Peptidomimetic Polo-Box-Targeted Inhibitors that Engage PLK1 in Tumor Cells and Are Selective against the PLK3 Tumor Suppressor.
Academic Article Nonpeptidic, Polo-Box Domain-Targeted Inhibitors of PLK1 Block Kinase Activity, Induce Its Degradation and Target-Resistant Cells.
Academic Article Structure-activity and mechanistic studies of non-peptidic inhibitors of the PLK1 polo box domain identified through REPLACE.
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