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Academic Article Integrin shedding as a mechanism of cellular adaptation during cardiac growth.
Academic Article Effects of platelet-derived growth factor-AA and -BB on embryonic cardiac development.
Academic Article Organization of fibroblasts in the heart.
Academic Article Cellular mechanisms of tissue fibrosis. 2. Contributory pathways leading to myocardial fibrosis: moving beyond collagen expression.
Concept Myocardium
Academic Article Diabetes-induced alterations in the extracellular matrix and their impact on myocardial function.
Academic Article Type II diabetes promotes a myofibroblast phenotype in cardiac fibroblasts.
Academic Article Myocardial fibroblast-matrix interactions and potential therapeutic targets.
Academic Article Expression of Discoidin Domain Receptor 2 (DDR2) in the developing heart.
Academic Article Adaptive changes in cardiac fibroblast morphology and collagen organization as a result of mechanical environment.
Academic Article The effect of gold nanorods on cell-mediated collagen remodeling.
Academic Article The collagen receptor DDR2 is expressed during early cardiac development.
Academic Article Temporal alterations in cardiac fibroblast function following induction of pressure overload.
Academic Article Age-dependent expression of collagen receptors and deformation of type I collagen substrates by rat cardiac fibroblasts.
Academic Article The ubiquitin ligase WWP1 contributes to shifts in matrix proteolytic profiles and a myocardial aging phenotype with diastolic heart.
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