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Academic Article Caveolin-1: a critical regulator of lung fibrosis in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
Academic Article Smad-independent transforming growth factor-beta regulation of early growth response-1 and sustained expression in fibrosis: implications for scleroderma.
Academic Article A peptide derived from endostatin ameliorates organ fibrosis.
Academic Article Toll-like receptor 4 signaling augments transforming growth factor-? responses: a novel mechanism for maintaining and amplifying fibrosis in scleroderma.
Academic Article Telomerase and telomere length in pulmonary fibrosis.
Academic Article Transcriptional regulation of increased CCL2 expression in pulmonary fibrosis involves nuclear factor-?B and activator protein-1.
Academic Article Role of endostatin in fibroproliferative disorders.-as a candidate for anti-fibrosis therapy-.
Academic Article An endostatin-derived peptide orally exerts anti-fibrotic activity in a murine pulmonary fibrosis model.
Academic Article Fibrogenic Lung Injury Induces Non-Cell-Autonomous Fibroblast Invasion.
Academic Article Netrin-1 Regulates Fibrocyte Accumulation in the Decellularized Fibrotic Sclerodermatous Lung Microenvironment and in Bleomycin-Induced Pulmonary Fibrosis.
Academic Article The role of microRNA-155/liver X receptor pathway in experimental and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
Academic Article Optimization of a murine and human tissue model to recapitulate dermal and pulmonary features of systemic sclerosis.
Academic Article Lysocardiolipin acyltransferase regulates TGF-? mediated lung fibroblast differentiation.
Academic Article Visualisation of interstitial lung disease by molecular imaging of integrin av?3 and somatostatin receptor 2.
Academic Article Intracellular Heat Shock Protein 70 Deficiency in Pulmonary Fibrosis.
Academic Article Role of phospholipase D in bleomycin-induced mitochondrial reactive oxygen species generation, mitochondrial DNA damage, and pulmonary fibrosis.
Academic Article Cross-Talk between Transforming Growth Factor-? and Periostin Can Be Targeted for Pulmonary Fibrosis.
Academic Article 18F-AzaFol for Detection of Folate Receptor-? Positive Macrophages in Experimental Interstitial Lung Disease-A Proof-of-Concept Study.
Academic Article Lysyl oxidase directly contributes to extracellular matrix production and fibrosis in systemic sclerosis.
Academic Article TL1A Promotes Lung Tissue Fibrosis and Airway Remodeling.
Academic Article Phenotypic Characterization of Transgenic Mice Expressing Human IGFBP-5.
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