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Academic Article Genetic polymorphisms in tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha and TNF-beta in a population-based study of systemic lupus erythematosus: associations and interaction with the interleukin-1alpha-889 C/T polymorphism.
Academic Article Impairment of the antifibrotic effect of hepatocyte growth factor in lung fibroblasts from African Americans: possible role in systemic sclerosis.
Academic Article Endothelial GATA-6 deficiency promotes pulmonary arterial hypertension.
Concept Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A
Concept Transforming Growth Factor beta
Concept Receptors, Transforming Growth Factor beta
Concept GATA6 Transcription Factor
Concept Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor Superfamily, Member 7
Concept Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein 5
Concept Receptor, Platelet-Derived Growth Factor beta
Concept Platelet-Derived Growth Factor
Concept Insulin-Like Growth Factor I
Concept STAT3 Transcription Factor
Concept Tumor Necrosis Factor Ligand Superfamily Member 15
Concept Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha
Concept Transcription Factor AP-2
Concept Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor
Concept Transforming Growth Factor beta1
Concept Hepatocyte Growth Factor
Concept Connective Tissue Growth Factor
Concept Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein 2
Concept Transcription Factor AP-1
Concept Insulin-Like Growth Factor II
Concept STAT1 Transcription Factor
Concept Transcription Factor RelA
Concept Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1, alpha Subunit
Concept Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein 3
Academic Article Insulin-like growth factor binding proteins 3 and 5 are overexpressed in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and contribute to extracellular matrix deposition.
Academic Article IGF-I: mediator of fibrosis or carcinogenesis?
Academic Article Insulin-like growth factor binding protein 5 induces skin fibrosis: A novel murine model for dermal fibrosis.
Academic Article Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-5 induces pulmonary fibrosis and triggers mononuclear cellular infiltration.
Academic Article Caveolin-1: a critical regulator of lung fibrosis in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
Academic Article Hepatocyte growth factor and other fibroblast secretions modulate the phenotype of human bronchial epithelial cells.
Academic Article Partial inhibition of integrin alpha(v)beta6 prevents pulmonary fibrosis without exacerbating inflammation.
Academic Article Insulin-like growth factor-II is increased in systemic sclerosis-associated pulmonary fibrosis and contributes to the fibrotic process via Jun N-terminal kinase- and phosphatidylinositol-3 kinase-dependent pathways.
Academic Article Smad-independent transforming growth factor-beta regulation of early growth response-1 and sustained expression in fibrosis: implications for scleroderma.
Academic Article Human skin culture as an ex vivo model for assessing the fibrotic effects of insulin-like growth factor binding proteins.
Academic Article The pro-fibrotic factor IGFBP-5 induces lung fibroblast and mononuclear cell migration.
Academic Article Defective histone acetylation is responsible for the diminished expression of cyclooxygenase 2 in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
Academic Article Role of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 in allergic airway remodeling.
Academic Article The fibrotic phenotype induced by IGFBP-5 is regulated by MAPK activation and egr-1-dependent and -independent mechanisms.
Academic Article Decreased caveolin-1 levels contribute to fibrosis and deposition of extracellular IGFBP-5.
Academic Article Autophagic protein LC3B confers resistance against hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension.
Academic Article PPAR? downregulation by TGF? in fibroblast and impaired expression and function in systemic sclerosis: a novel mechanism for progressive fibrogenesis.
Academic Article Early growth response transcription factors: key mediators of fibrosis and novel targets for anti-fibrotic therapy.
Academic Article The early growth response gene Egr2 (Alias Krox20) is a novel transcriptional target of transforming growth factor-? that is up-regulated in systemic sclerosis and mediates profibrotic responses.
Academic Article Localized expression of tenascin in systemic sclerosis-associated pulmonary fibrosis and its regulation by insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3.
Academic Article A peptide derived from endostatin ameliorates organ fibrosis.
Academic Article Insulin-like growth factor binding proteins-3 and -5: central mediators of fibrosis and promising new therapeutic targets.
Academic Article Chitinase 1 is a biomarker for and therapeutic target in scleroderma-associated interstitial lung disease that augments TGF-?1 signaling.
Academic Article Syndecan-2 is a novel target of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 and is over-expressed in fibrosis.
Academic Article Toll-like receptor 4 signaling augments transforming growth factor-? responses: a novel mechanism for maintaining and amplifying fibrosis in scleroderma.
Academic Article Antifibrotic effects of roscovitine in normal and scleroderma fibroblasts.
Academic Article Mitochondrial reactive oxygen species regulate transforming growth factor-? signaling.
Academic Article Semaphorin 7a+ regulatory T cells are associated with progressive idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and are implicated in transforming growth factor-?1-induced pulmonary fibrosis.
Academic Article Transcriptional regulation of increased CCL2 expression in pulmonary fibrosis involves nuclear factor-?B and activator protein-1.
Academic Article Phosphodiesterase-4 inhibition augments human lung fibroblast vascular endothelial growth factor production induced by prostaglandin E2.
Academic Article Vitamin D modulates prostaglandin E2 synthesis and degradation in human lung fibroblasts.
Academic Article Role of endostatin in fibroproliferative disorders.-as a candidate for anti-fibrosis therapy-.
Academic Article The K+ channel KCa3.1 as a novel target for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
Academic Article Overexpression of c-Met and CD44v6 receptors contributes to autocrine TGF-?1 signaling in interstitial lung disease.
Academic Article The membrane-associated adaptor protein DOK5 is upregulated in systemic sclerosis and associated with IGFBP-5-induced fibrosis.
Academic Article Fibroblasts that resist cigarette smoke-induced senescence acquire profibrotic phenotypes.
Academic Article IFN-gamma induces a p91/Stat1 alpha-related transcription factor with distinct activation and binding properties.
Academic Article Ligand-dependent and -independent activation of the transcription factor gamma RF-1 in a cell-free system.
Academic Article Expression of c-myc, c-myb, and c-sis in fibroblasts from affected and unaffected skin of patients with systemic sclerosis.
Academic Article Mechanosignaling through YAP and TAZ drives fibroblast activation and fibrosis.
Academic Article Effect of culture conditions on microRNA expression in primary adult control and COPD lung fibroblasts in vitro.
Academic Article IGFBP-5 Promotes Fibrosis Independently of Its Translocation to the Nucleus and Its Interaction with Nucleolin and IGF.
Academic Article Peripheral blood cytokine and chemokine profiles in juvenile localized scleroderma: T-helper cell-associated cytokine profiles.
Academic Article Lipoxin A4 Attenuates Constitutive and TGF-?1-Dependent Profibrotic Activity in Human Lung Myofibroblasts.
Academic Article Sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase is an endogenous suppressor of pulmonary fibrosis: role of S1P signalling and autophagy.
Academic Article Endothelial Cells Expressing Endothelial and Mesenchymal Cell Gene Products in Lung Tissue From Patients With Systemic Sclerosis-Associated Interstitial Lung Disease.
Academic Article Fibrogenic Lung Injury Induces Non-Cell-Autonomous Fibroblast Invasion.
Academic Article Sirtuin 3 Deregulation Promotes Pulmonary Fibrosis.
Academic Article Transforming growth factor ?1 (TGF?1)-induced CD44V6-NOX4 signaling in pathogenesis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
Academic Article Optimization of a murine and human tissue model to recapitulate dermal and pulmonary features of systemic sclerosis.
Academic Article Plexin C1 deficiency permits synaptotagmin 7-mediated macrophage migration and enhances mammalian lung fibrosis.
Academic Article Lysocardiolipin acyltransferase regulates TGF-? mediated lung fibroblast differentiation.
Academic Article Reduced microRNA-503 expression augments lung fibroblast VEGF production in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Academic Article Pro-fibrotic phenotype of human skin fibroblasts induced by periostin via modulating TGF-? signaling.
Academic Article RNAi screening identifies a mechanosensitive ROCK-JAK2-STAT3 network central to myofibroblast activation.
Academic Article Characterization of human PDGFR-?-positive pericytes from IPF and non-IPF lungs.
Academic Article Intracellular Heat Shock Protein 70 Deficiency in Pulmonary Fibrosis.
Academic Article A Human Skin Model Recapitulates Systemic Sclerosis Dermal Fibrosis and Identifies COL22A1 as a TGF? Early Response Gene that Mediates Fibroblast to Myofibroblast Transition.
Academic Article NADPH oxidase-mediated induction of reactive oxygen species and extracellular matrix deposition by insulin-like growth factor binding protein-5.
Academic Article Excessive exosome release is the pathogenic pathway linking a lysosomal deficiency to generalized fibrosis.
Academic Article Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-4 exerts antifibrotic activity by reducing levels of connective tissue growth factor and the C-X-C chemokine receptor 4.
Academic Article Cross-Talk between Transforming Growth Factor-? and Periostin Can Be Targeted for Pulmonary Fibrosis.
Academic Article Insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-II- mediated fibrosis in pathogenic lung conditions.
Academic Article TL1A Promotes Lung Tissue Fibrosis and Airway Remodeling.
Academic Article Phenotypic Characterization of Transgenic Mice Expressing Human IGFBP-5.
Academic Article Elucidating the cellular mechanism for E2-induced dermal fibrosis.
Academic Article Long noncoding RNA H19X is a key mediator of TGF-?-driven fibrosis.
Academic Article Prominence of IL6, IGF, TLR, and Bioenergetics Pathway Perturbation in Lung Tissues of Scleroderma Patients With Pulmonary Fibrosis.
Academic Article CD70 Activation Decreases Pulmonary Fibroblast Production of Extracellular Matrix Proteins.
Academic Article Elevated Fibronectin Levels in Profibrotic CD14+ Monocytes and CD14+ Macrophages in Systemic Sclerosis.
Academic Article Antifibrotic factor KLF4 is repressed by the miR-10/TFAP2A/TBX5 axis in dermal fibroblasts: insights from twins discordant for systemic sclerosis.
Academic Article Identification of Impacted Pathways and Transcriptomic Markers as Potential Mediators of Pulmonary Fibrosis in Transgenic Mice Expressing Human IGFBP5.
Academic Article PDGF Promotes Dermal Fibroblast Activation via a Novel Mechanism Mediated by Signaling Through MCHR1.
Academic Article Reduced Cathepsin L expression and secretion into the extracellular milieu contribute to lung fibrosis in systemic sclerosis.
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