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Concept Acyclovir
Academic Article Acyclovir: a decade later.
Academic Article Disseminated herpes zoster in the immunocompromised host: a comparative trial of acyclovir and vidarabine. The NIAID Collaborative Antiviral Study Group.
Academic Article Natural history and treatment of varicella-zoster in high-risk populations.
Academic Article Acyclovir: the past ten years.
Academic Article Intravenous acyclovir therapy of first episodes of genital herpes: a multicenter double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.
Academic Article A collaborative study of patient-initiated treatment of recurrent genital herpes with topical acyclovir or placebo.
Academic Article Acyclovir: mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics, safety and clinical applications.
Academic Article New antivirals with activity against varicella-zoster virus.
Academic Article Herpes zoster in patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection--an ever-expanding spectrum of disease.
Academic Article Acyclovir with and without prednisone for the treatment of herpes zoster. A randomized, placebo-controlled trial. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Collaborative Antiviral Study Group.
Academic Article Unique clinical trial design: combination acyclovir plus prednisone therapy of localized zoster in the normal host.
Academic Article Sorivudine versus acyclovir for treatment of dermatomal herpes zoster in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients: results from a randomized, controlled clinical trial. Collaborative Antiviral Study Group/AIDS Clinical Trials Group, Herpes Zoster Study Group.
Academic Article Herpes zoster: risk categories for persistent pain.
Academic Article Therapeutic approaches to the management of herpes zoster.
Academic Article Recommendations for the management of herpes zoster.
Academic Article The incidence and severity of herpes simplex encephalitis in Sweden, 1990-2001.
Academic Article Varicella-zoster virus: Prevention through vaccination.
Academic Article Kaposi's varicelliform eruption.
Academic Article Herpes Simplex Encephalitis: Lack of Clinical Benefit of Long-term Valacyclovir Therapy.
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