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Academic Article Studying ulcerative colitis over the World Wide Web.
Academic Article Quality-of-life research on the Internet: feasibility and potential biases in patients with ulcerative colitis.
Academic Article Epidemiology and the Internet.
Academic Article Use of meta-analytic results to facilitate shared decision making.
Academic Article Feasibility of quality-of-life research on the Internet: a follow-up study.
Academic Article The reliability and internal consistency of an Internet-capable computer program for measuring utilities.
Academic Article Potential validity of conducting research on headache in internet populations.
Academic Article The Internet as a research tool: worth the price of admission?
Academic Article iMPACT3: Internet-based development and administration of utility elicitation protocols.
Academic Article Use of the internet to study the utility values of the public.
Academic Article Design and pilot evaluation of an internet smoking cessation program.
Academic Article Use of willingness to pay to study values for pharmacotherapies for migraine headache.
Academic Article Toward improved methods for measurement of utility: automated repair of errors in elicitations.
Academic Article IMPACT4: a framework for rapid, modular construction of web-based patient decision support systems and preference measurement tools.
Academic Article Provider Link: facilitating healthcare providers' support of web-based smoking cessation efforts via secure e-mail.
Academic Article A web-compatible instrument for measuring self-reported disease activity in arthritis.
Academic Article Automated e-mail messaging as a tool for improving quit rates in an internet smoking cessation intervention.
Academic Article Internet-based monitoring of patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
Academic Article Smoking cessation research via the internet: a feasibility study.
Academic Article An ontology of geo-reasoning to support medical response to attacks with weapons of mass destruction.
Academic Article An Intelligent 802.11 Triage Tag for medical response to disasters.
Academic Article A web-services architecture designed for intermittent connectivity to support medical response to disasters.
Academic Article Role-tailored software systems for medical response to disasters: enhancing the capabilities of "mid-tier" responders.
Academic Article Role-tailored software systems for coordinating care at disaster sites: enhancing collaboration between the base hospitals with the field.
Academic Article Visualization of roaming client/server connection patterns during a wirelessly enabled disaster response drill.
Academic Article Situational awareness during mass-casualty events: command and control.
Academic Article Electronic and computer-generated patient questionnaires in standard care.
Academic Article Evaluation of an internet-based disease trajectory decision tool for prostate cancer screening.
Academic Article Data quality for situational awareness during mass-casualty events.
Academic Article In response to: What is a grid?
Academic Article A Public Health Grid (PHGrid): Architecture and value proposition for 21st century public health.
Academic Article A Modified Public Health Automated Case Event Reporting Platform for Enhancing Electronic Laboratory Reports With Clinical Data: Design and Implementation Study.
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