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Academic Article Connexin 43 connexon to gap junction transition is regulated by zonula occludens-1.
Academic Article Enhanced PKCe mediated phosphorylation of connexin43 at serine 368 by a carboxyl-terminal mimetic peptide is dependent on injury.
Academic Article The connexin43 carboxyl terminus and cardiac gap junction organization.
Concept Connexin 43
Academic Article Cx43 associates with Na(v)1.5 in the cardiomyocyte perinexus.
Academic Article The perinexus: sign-post on the path to a new model of cardiac conduction?
Academic Article Cardiac to cancer: connecting connexins to clinical opportunity.
Academic Article The unstoppable connexin43 carboxyl-terminus: new roles in gap junction organization and wound healing.
Academic Article Targeting connexin 43 with a-connexin carboxyl-terminal (ACT1) peptide enhances the activity of the targeted inhibitors, tamoxifen and lapatinib, in breast cancer: clinical implication for ACT1.
Academic Article Inhibition of connexin 43 hemichannel-mediated ATP release attenuates early inflammation during the foreign body response.
Academic Article Connexin 43, breast cancer tumor suppressor: Missed connections?
Academic Article Connexin-Based Therapeutics and Tissue Engineering Approaches to the Amelioration of Chronic Pancreatitis and Type I Diabetes: Construction and Characterization of a Novel Prevascularized Bioartificial Pancreas.
Academic Article Mechanism of action of the anti-inflammatory connexin43 mimetic peptide JM2.
Academic Article The connexin 43 carboxyl terminal mimetic peptide aCT1 prompts differentiation of a collagen scar matrix in humans resembling unwounded skin.
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