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Concept Water Supply
Concept Water Pollution, Chemical
Concept Water Pollution, Radioactive
Concept Water Pollution
Concept Fresh Water
Concept Water Pollutants, Chemical
Concept Water Pollutants, Radioactive
Academic Article Drinking water, fluid intake, and bladder cancer in western New York.
Academic Article The New York Angler Cohort Study: exposure characterization and reproductive and developmental health.
Academic Article Paternal Lake Ontario fish consumption and risk of conception delay, New York State Angler Cohort.
Academic Article Relation of Lake Ontario fish consumption, lifetime lactation, and parity to breast milk polychlorobiphenyl and pesticide concentrations.
Academic Article Parental consumption of contaminated sport fish from Lake Ontario and predicted fecundability.
Academic Article Infecundity and consumption of polychlorinated biphenyl-contaminated fish.
Academic Article Characterizing Latino anglers' environmental risk perceptions, sport fish consumption, and advisory awareness.
Academic Article Maternal fish consumption and infant birth size and gestation: New York State Angler Cohort Study.
Academic Article Case control study of the geographic variability of exposure to disinfectant byproducts and risk for rectal cancer.
Academic Article Case-control study of the effects of trihalomethanes on urinary bladder cancer risk.
Academic Article Lung, breast, bladder and rectal cancer.
Academic Article Groundwater uranium and cancer incidence in South Carolina.
Academic Article Mercury in fish and adverse reproductive outcomes: results from South Carolina.
Academic Article Polychlorinated biphenyls and omega-3 fatty acid exposure from fish consumption, and thyroid cancer among New York anglers.
Academic Article Consumption of Lake Ontario sport fish and the incidence of colorectal cancer in the New York State Angler Cohort Study (NYSACS).
Academic Article Persistent organic pollutants in fish from Charleston Harbor and tributaries, South Carolina, United States: A risk assessment.
Academic Article Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in edible fish species from Charleston Harbor and tributaries, South Carolina, United States: Exposure and risk assessment.
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