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Academic Article The effect of recombinant TGFalpha, human milk, and human milk macrophage media on gut epithelial proliferation is decreased in the presence of a neutralizing TGFalpha antibody.
Academic Article Effect of human milk and recombinant EGF, TGFalpha, and IGF-1 on small intestinal cell proliferation.
Academic Article Effect of human milk fortifier on the immunodetection and molecular mass profile of transforming growth factor-alpha.
Academic Article Nutritional vitamin D status during pregnancy: reasons for concern.
Academic Article The effect of high-dose vitamin D supplementation on serum vitamin D levels and milk calcium concentration in lactating women and their infants.
Academic Article High-dose vitamin D3 supplementation in a cohort of breastfeeding mothers and their infants: a 6-month follow-up pilot study.
Academic Article Intestinal permeability in preterm infants by feeding type: mother's milk versus formula.
Academic Article The effect of pasteurization on transforming growth factor alpha and transforming growth factor beta 2 concentrations in human milk.
Academic Article The vitamin D requirement during human lactation: the facts and IOM's 'utter' failure.
Academic Article Nutritional management of the breastfeeding dyad.
Academic Article Special properties of human milk.
Academic Article Variation in the biochemical forms of transforming growth factor-alpha present in human milk and secreted by human milk macrophages.
Academic Article Drug therapy in the nursing mother.
Academic Article Higher molecular mass forms of TGFalpha in human milk.
Academic Article TGFalpha within compartments of human milk.
Academic Article Fucosylated oligosaccharides in human milk in relation to gestational age and stage of lactation.
Academic Article Vitamin D requirements during lactation: high-dose maternal supplementation as therapy to prevent hypovitaminosis D for both the mother and the nursing infant.
Academic Article Vitamin D status as related to race and feeding type in preterm infants.
Academic Article Host factors in amniotic fluid and breast milk that contribute to gut maturation.
Academic Article Prevention of rickets and vitamin D deficiency in infants, children, and adolescents.
Academic Article Does vitamin D make the world go 'round'?
Academic Article Vitamin D supplementation during lactation to support infant and mother.
Academic Article The role of vitamin D in pregnancy and lactation: emerging concepts.
Concept Milk
Concept Milk, Human
Concept Milk Banks
Concept Milk Proteins
Academic Article Randomized Clinical Trial of Preoperative Feeding to Evaluate Intestinal Barrier Function in Neonates Requiring Cardiac Surgery.
Academic Article Domperidone for Treatment of Low Milk Supply in Breast Pump-Dependent Mothers of Hospitalized Premature Infants: A Clinical Protocol.
Academic Article Associations of infant feeding with trajectories of body composition and growth.
Academic Article Vitamin D Modulation of TRAIL Expression in Human Milk and Mammary Epithelial Cells.
Academic Article Analytical considerations and general diagnostic and therapeutic ramifications of milk hormones during lactation.
Academic Article The Safety of Mother's Milk? Tea: Results of a Randomized Double-Blind, Controlled Study in Fully Breastfeeding Mothers and Their Infants.
Academic Article The Impact of Technological Advances on our Understanding of the Dynamic Nature of Human Milk Cells: A Commentary About "Characterization of Stem Cells and Immune Cells in Preterm and Term Mother's Milk" (Li et al., 2019).
Academic Article Early-Life Effects of Vitamin D: A Focus on Pregnancy and Lactation.
Academic Article A Commentary on the Review Entitled, "A Scoping Review of the Human Milk Microbiome" by Groer et al.
Academic Article Outcomes improved with human milk intake in preterm and full-term infants.
Academic Article The impact of maternal obesity and breast milk inflammation on developmental programming of infant growth.
Academic Article Powdered to Liquid Human Milk Fortifiers in the Preterm Infant.
Academic Article Safety Aspects of a Randomized Clinical Trial of Maternal and Infant Vitamin D Supplementation by Feeding Type Through 7 Months Postpartum.
Concept Breast Milk Expression
Academic Article Cytotoxic Lactalbumin-Oleic Acid Complexes in the Human Milk Diet of Preterm Infants.
Academic Article Identifying single-strain growth patterns of human gut microbes in response to preterm human milk and formula.
Academic Article Breast Milk from Non-Obese Women with a High Omega-6 to Omega-3 Fatty Acid Ratio, but Not from Women with Obesity, Increases Lipogenic Gene Expression in 3T3-L1 Preadipocytes, Suggesting Adipocyte Dysfunction.
Academic Article Free Fatty Acid and a-Lactalbumin-Oleic Acid Complexes in Preterm Human Milk Are Cytotoxic to Fetal Intestinal Cells in vitro.
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